Easily Market Your Facebook Fan Page

The So Like Us QR Code is the easiest way to market your Facebook fan page and get a ton of Facebook fans.

Market my facebook

It allows patrons to scan your QR Code or send a text message and then be taken to a mobile optimized page where they can like your Facebook page now!

The concept is so fast and that is what makes it the best way to advertise your Facebook page offline! It will definitely help you increase facebook fans.

So Like Us has also made a bundle of marketing collateral to help everyone successfully promote their fan page!

There’s table tents and business cards with your logo on them along with your QR Code so you can hand out them to potential fans.

On each piece of marketing collateral is a text message code to download a free qr code scanner too.

Market my facebook

So you don’t have to worry about walking people through the process. You can text LIKE to 87940 to download your free scanner today and start getting more facebook fans right away.

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